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M5 Raw Natural Dog Food

M5 RAW Natural Dog Food was developed to comply with the BARF (biologically approved raw food) diet originally researched and developed by the Australian veterinarian, Dr Ian Billinghurst. (B.V.Sc.(Hons), B.Sc.Agr., Dip.Ed.)


M5 RAW Natural Dog Food was developed to comply with the BARF (biologically approved raw food) diet originally researched and developed by the Australian veterinarian, Dr Ian Billinghurst. (B.V.Sc.(Hons), B.Sc.Agr., Dip.Ed.)

It is generally agreed that dogs are descended from wolves. Refined starch i.e. maize, rice, wheat, bread, etc. are not natural to the diet of a canine and therefore are not ideal for the digestive system of a dog. Starch can be the cause of many problems in dog health, with skin complaints and bone/joint problems being the most frequent.

Dr Ian Billinghurst wrote several books about his BARF diet, including “Give a Dog a Bone” and “Grow your Pups with Bones”. His formula has been adapted to incorporate locally available food material in countries throughout the world. The suitability of the materials and ingredients used in M5 RAW Natural Dog Food has been confirmed by extensive laboratory testing. Vitamins and minerals have been added so that there is no need to add anything to the food. This frozen dog food is complete and balanced.

M5 RAW Natural Dog Food consists of minced chicken. The meat, bone, cartilage and fat are included in the correct proportions. Calcium and phosphorus are naturally present and are derived from the raw bone.
Also present are: Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D3, Taurine, Vitamin E, Choline, Folic Acid, Iron, Niacin, Zinc, Calpan (Panatonic acid), Manganese, Viatmin B1, Iodine, Vitamin B2 and Selenium.

M5 RAW Natural Dog Food dog food is packed in transparent 1kg bags and frozen to minus 20°C prior to selling. Thawing will depend on weather conditions. The food is best fed at room temperature. This product is designed to be eaten raw, and should not be cooked.

Guideline for amounts to be fed:

  • Small dogs: 150g – 200g per day (level teacup equal to approx. 200g of food)
  • Medium – small dogs: approx. 300g – 350g per day
  • Medium – large dogs: approx. 440g – 500g per day
  • Large dogs: 750g to 1 kg per day

Please note that these amounts will vary depending on factors such as the age of your dog, its activity level, sexual status, health, etc. Active dogs will require greater amounts. A slight increase in amounts may be required in winter months.

Determine whether the amount you feed is right for your dog by observing the dogs’ condition after feeding for approximately 2 weeks. The energy level of this food is high so the amount consumed is comparatively small.

When changing from commercial pellets to M5 RAW Natural Dog Food, mix the raw food with the pellets and reduce the amount of pellets each day until they are completely discontinued. Although a dog on this diet will drink less water, always have clean water available.

Only use stainless steel or ceramic dishes (for hygiene purposes) and avoid having food available at all times. Remove uneaten food. It can be refrozen and in a thawed state will keep in a refrigerator for about 2 days if covered.

Feed your dog once a day or provide half quantities in morning and evening. Because this food is natural to the dogs’ digestive system, digestion is more complete than when the pet is fed starch or grain-based food. In comparison with other foods, complete digestion leads to naturally smaller, hard stools, which, besides being easier to clean up, assist in clearing the anal glands.

M5 RAW Natural Dog Food is excellent for weaning puppies. Serve in a flat dish at room temperature.

One should not feed large quantities of this food initially. Slow introduction is best and the addition of unflavoured yoghurt at about 1 tablespoon to 250g – 400g will help to introduce intestinal flora into the dogs’ digestive tract. It would appear that dogs fed on pellets, i.e. grained-based food, lack pro-biotics and their gut and loose stools may occur. However, be assured that this will disappear after a day or two when the dogs digestive system acquires its natural balance. Bones should also be fed on a weekly basis – raw pig shoulder blades (scapulae) are generally considered the safest. Never feed a dog cooked bones of any kind.

M5 RAW Natural Dog Food is readily available in the Pretoria and Witwatersrand areas, but elsewhere as well, depending on the quantity and required arrangements for delivery or collection. The food is packed in 1 kg packets. Because it is a raw food, it cannot be popped in the post. For the keenest price and best delivery options, phone Case on 082 330 9245 or BBM pin 2245C074. Interested people need to e-mail me to arrange collection.


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