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Vodka Saves Pup from Anti-Freeze

Sydney: An Australian vet saved a puppy that was dying after drinking anti-freeze – by giving her vodka. The puppy, an American Staffordshire named Cleo, licked radiator fluid off spare car parts in a garage in Truganina. Within 30 minutes, she was swaying on her feet, rejecting

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My First TV Shoot

This is the advert that started me off in the TV training business. I got a call one evening asking whether a) I could train a Shar Pei to sit in the back of a car and b) how long would it take. I told them I

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Some suggestions for breeders on helping puppies to get a good, confident start in life

As soon as your puppies ears open you can start conditioning them to the sound of the clicker. Click every time they are allowed to feed off their dam. Click when you’re weaning them on to solids. They soon learn to associate the sound of the clicker

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Placing Littermates in the Same Home

The following are some thoughts which will hopefully be of some use to two different groups of people: breeders wishing to place their puppies in the best possible homes, and also for helping puppy buyers when selecting their new pet. In general, it is never advisable to

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Puppy Puzzle

On 28th January 2010, a litter of six Malinois puppies were born. The litter comprised 3 dogs and 3 bitches. My firm belief is that the only reason for breeding a litter is to try to improve the quality of that particular breed of dog (in this

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Puppy Fun Day

The last class of the year is always a fun day at Clicker Training Concepts. Here are some photos of one of the puppy classes competing in their teams. Handlers and their puppies are asked to perform exercises that they have been taught during the year, the

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