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Wizard the Wonder Dog

Written by his owner, Yolan Friedman Wizard turns 2 on the 28th Jan 2012. In this short time on earth Wiz has travelled to 5 of our 9 provinces with me (often for work), he has met literally hundreds of other dogs (many at home at his

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Live Interview on SABC3

On Wednesday 21st January 2009, I appeared on the programme “Lunchbox” on SABC 3. Pictured here getting ready for the cameras to start rolling are myself, Dasko (the Malinois) and Dennis Tau (SABC interviewer and TV host). We were given 30 seconds to rush from the seating

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Plascon Advertisement: “Incredible Journey”

For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in animals and “what makes them tick”. In 1986 I bought a puppy, and began to get really interested in the different training methodologies. My involvement with clicker training began in 1988 when I started exploring and

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The Importance of Puppy Socialization

It would be impossible to over emphasize the importance of puppy socialization. As with any animal (humans included!), if socialization is not adequate in the formative months/years, the animal will grow up lacking confidence and self-assuredness. In dogs this can often lead to fear biting or a

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The Clicker Litter

When we planned to breed our bitch, I was very enthusiastic about starting to train the puppies from a very early age. Having been a clicker trainer for (at that stage) past fifteen years, I firmly believe in the mantra “any animal can be taught anything it

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Sterilization of Dogs. Should one spay/neuter?

It is generally agreed amongst the doggy fraternity that the main reason to breed a dog is to improve the species, either in looks, health, working ability and/or temperament. Breed dogs are therefore carefully selected and matched, and required to meet certain standards e.g. be clear of

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