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Super Pup

A few months ago I was invited to join the ranks of the Super Pup trainers. What does this mean? Here are a few excerpts from the Super Pup web site ( to help explain what Super Pup is all about. Your new pup has the potential

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Spirocercosis in dogs

Spirocercosis is a parasitic disease mainly of domestic dogs, caused by the nematode (worm) Spirocerca lupi. Spirocercosis occurs mainly in tropical and subtropical regions. It is a debilitating disease and can lead to acute death. There has been a marked increase of clinical spirocercosis among dogs in

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Introducing a new dog into an existing pack

I frequently get asked the best way to introduce a new dog into an existing pack. Obviously a lot depends on the breed, age and sexual status of the animals involved. If you have a geriatric dog and want to bring in a new puppy, is it

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The History and Misconceptions of Dominance Theory

The original alpha/dominance model was born out of short-term studies of wolf packs done in the 1940’s. These were the first studies of their kind. These studies were a good start, but later research has essentially disproved most of the findings. There were three major flaws in

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How to have a Polite Puppy the Clicker Way

A puppy that sits is generally far more socially acceptable than one that jumps up against folk, muddying their clothes and scratching their legs. A puppy that sits rather than growling and tearing at ones pants is much more likely to get positive attention from friends and

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Clicking Puppies into Agility

The rule of thumb for introducing puppies to agility is that a) they should never be forced to do anything they are reluctant to attempt and b) they should never be asked to jump higher than their elbow height. By using the clicker, (a) is taken care

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Highveld Belgian Shepherd Championship Breed Show : 23 June 2013

This show is open to all four varieties of Belgian Shepherd i.e. Groenendael, Lakenois, Malinois and Terveuren, all of which were represented. It is a specialist show, which means that only Belgian Shepherds may participate. The judge was Edith Gallant. You might remember that Dika’s last litter

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RIP Sangio, man’s best friend

Written by his owner, Anton Ferreira Sangio is the sire of Ch. Oaktreegardens Anushka of vom Paladin, and therefore grandfather of our latest litter. The story of Sangio is not that long really, relative to, say, the age of the planet. Just nine years and four months.

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Beauty and brains combined or Form Follows Function

I have always believed that dogs that were designed to work should do so. The emphasis in our breeding kennel is that all dogs used for breeding must be breed champions and have a working qualification. Our current brood bitch, Ch. Oaktreegardens Anushka of vom Paladin recently

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Our dogs in action

Dika taking mid-air stick blows from Nick Vannerom, a Belgian FCI recognised instructor and tracklayer, as well as a licensed IPO helper. Nick and his Malinois, Doc van het Dreiland, became Vice Belgian Champion FCI All-Breeds in 2009 and Belgian Champion for Belgian Shepherds in 2008. In

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