Canine Good Citizen comprises 3 different levels of test, these being Bronze, Silver and Gold. In the Bronze level, dogs need to complete 13 different exercises.  Any breed of dog may enter. The following video clip shows a dog sitting quietly whilst having her collar removed and replaced, and then performing the “excite and calm” exercise, in which the dog is excited and then must sit upon command.

Two other exercises for the bronze level qualification involve the judge approaching the dog and handler and shaking hands. The judge then circles them, and examines the dog, which should remain calm and happy to be handled by a stranger.

In the Silver and Gold tests, the dogs are expected to be able to heel in a controlled manner whilst going for a walk down the street. Canine Good Citizen is not a competitive discipline.  Each team is marked either “ready” or “not ready” as the case may be.  No-one is placed first, second or third: the test is just about you and your dog working together.  On completion of all the exercises, the teams are awarded a certificate and rosette from the Kennel Union of South Africa.