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Chicken Clicker Workshop

In July 2012 a group of dedicated clicker trainers got together in a workshop to train chickens. Why chickens? It has been proven that with chickens, what you train is what you get. What you reinforce, they repeat. Can you think of a better, more fun way

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Incredible India

Last year two of my friends, Peter A and Peter P emigrated to Puttaparthi, India. From time to time they send updates on their life out there. Here is one of their wonderful stories about life out there, with vague relevance to animals in the story about

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Dane dog down

Some dog folk prefer to have their problems addressed in the privacy of their own homes. Each problem is unique and requires a different approach. Not all problems are trainable, some benefitting more from management rather than discipline. Some calls are so simple that one wonders whether

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Rico brings new hope for an end to rhino horn smuggling

The following article was released by the EWT, who have given me permission to post it on my web site. The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is proud to welcome its newest member of staff – Rico the Wildlife Sniffer Dog! Rico, who is being trained to detect

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Critics Challenge ‘Dog Whisperer’ Methods

JonBee jumps up at Cesar Millan, his sharp teeth snapping repeatedly. Millan calmly yanks on the leash and pulls the wolf-like Korean Jindo away. This continues for over a minute, with Millan’s face remaining undisturbed and JonBee’s owners gasping on the other side of the living room.

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Timing is Critical

In my workshops I always make a point of emphasising how important timing is. One of the ways of improving your timing skills is to study music in any form. E.g. learn to play a musical instrument, join a choir, or take up dancing. Of course, one

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Clicker Workshop Module 1 : 4 December 2011

Lacey has the habit of “killing” her scent cloth in the scent discrimination exercise in “C” test obedience. Here Sue, her handler, clicks and treats her for carrying it calmly. Maxine getting her volunteer, Retha Kruger, to demonstrate different ways of getting behaviours. Here Retha is being

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Clicker Workshop Module 2 : 7 July 2011

Attendees and their dogs demonstration “101 things to do with a Box” – each handler was tasked to get 10 or more behaviours within 5 minutes. Sharon and Ashley (a dog she rescued and had only had for 4 months) demonstrate how easy this is. Here the

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Clicker Workshops

Clicker workshops are designed to be interactive and fun for both you and your pet. Animals such as dogs, cat, horse, meerkat, parrot, rat, chicken etc. have participated in these workshops, so that attendees can see for themselves how this training method works for all animals. The

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Classic Working Trials

This is a wonderful sport for handlers and dogs alike. Most of the competitions are held out in the bush, as we need a lot of acreage for the tracking stakes. There are levels through which the teams must progress. Entry level is Companion Dog, then Tracker

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