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Wildlife Sniffer Dogs

In a previous article, Rico, the Wildlife Sniffer Dog was introduced to the public. Rico is a Belgian Malinois and is trained to detect wildlife products, particularly rhino horn. His implementation at OR Tambo International airport has already proved worthwhile. Recently three more dogs were imported to

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Why do dogs eat grass?

People often ask me why dogs eat grass. Some dogs even dig the grass up and eat the roots and dirt as well. I believe that dogs were meant to have a varied diet, and that it is not really natural for them to eat just one

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Ways of supporting your child when you lose a pet

Make sure that the child doesn’t hear about the pet’s death from someone else Always be honest about death. Don’t pretend the pet has gone missing if it has died It is a good idea to encourage the child to express their emotions. If they are old

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Woman And Home

A while ago I was approached by Woman & Home, who asked if they could interview me for an article in the November 2012 edition of their magazine. Of course I agreed! It was a lot of fun, especially the photo shoot during which I was given

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Attendance at Mondioring World Championships 2012

The 2012 Mondioring World Championships were held from the 3rd – 7th October in Grande Synthe, which is a suburb of Dunkirk in France. This sport requires a dog that is fast and agile, and is therefore ideal for Malinois. Having Malinois myself, the draw of attending

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MOVING HOUSE? Some tips to moving home with your dog.

Make sure that before you move, you adhere as closely as possible to your normal routine. Reassure your dog with extra attention when you start packing. Is your dog microchipped? If not, get it done before you move. If your dog wears a collar, make sure that

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Animal Assisted Therapy in Namibia

Kirsten Drews, one of the attendees at the recent clicker workshops held in Windhoek, Namibia, pictured here with her “gang”. Apart from taking time to learn about dog training techniques, Kirsten also runs a boarding facility for dogs. These pictures were taken with her and some of

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Workshops in Namibia

In August 2012 I was invited to give a series of workshops by the Windhoek Dog Club in Namibia. Having given several workshops there in the past, I knew I was in for a weekend of enjoyable interaction and socialisation. Here are some pictures of the attendees

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The Welcome

The following is a wonderful little story that I came across many years ago. No-one seems to know who the original author was, which is a pity as it is such a wonderful piece, and so typical of our wonderful doggy friends. I hope you enjoy it

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In The Beginning…

When I was a child, my parents allowed me to keep all sorts of animals as pets. My dad used to make me special cages in which to keep the caterpillars I found. I would feed these caterpillars on carefully collected leaves from the shrub or tree

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