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The Tale is in your Pooch’s Tail

When your dog bounds towards you with his tail wagging furiously, you’d naturally assume he was pleased to see you. Look closer, however, and that tail might be trying to tell you something very different. While all dog tails wag from side to side, it seems they

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Dogs Retire

Police dogs in the English county of Nottinghamshire are to be given a £500-a-year pension on retirement. This is to meet veterinary and other expenses. The police dogs become the household pets of their handlers, who have worked with them for years anyway. Nottinghamshire police commissioner Paddy

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Bending Poles and the Clicker

Agility – a combination of speed and accuracy where handler and dog must work as a team. So much time can be wasted or gained at the bending poles, so it is well worthwhile ensuring that your dog truly understands how to perform this obstacle. Basic principles

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Research on Fatal Dog Bites

The Journal of American Veterinary Association has released the most comprehensive study to date regarding fatal dog bites and the common factors that link them. The authors of their study found that there were some significant errors reported by the media in certain stories, so rather than

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Agility World Championship

The FCI Agility World Championships made history in 2013 when South Africa became the first country outside of Europe to host this prestigious event. From 11 – 13 October 2013, the Agility World Championship was held at The Dome, Johannesburg, South Africa. Eight countries competed, these being

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How Clever is Your Dog?

Test 1: Look in the Mirror Put a mirror on the floor and sit in front of it with our dog, a metre or so away. Now get someone to put a piece of card or a book between you and the mirror. On the far side

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Keep Your Dogs Safe in Summer

Here are a few tips to help avoid problems caused by the heat of summer: As dogs can’t perspire (lose heat through their skin), they can soon become overheated in hot weather. A dog that is getting hot pants in order to cool itself. If you see

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Vodka Saves Pup from Anti-Freeze

Sydney: An Australian vet saved a puppy that was dying after drinking anti-freeze – by giving her vodka. The puppy, an American Staffordshire named Cleo, licked radiator fluid off spare car parts in a garage in Truganina. Within 30 minutes, she was swaying on her feet, rejecting

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Dog Teachers Lament

Hello: This is the Magic Wand Dog Training Center, we are unable to come to the phone but please press or enter the number for your request; we will return your call as soon as possible. Press 01 to tell me your dog has been asked to

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If it should be: Go with love

First time at a dog show, I’ll tell you quite plain I’ll never, no never, go near one again. The Breeder said “show him” when I bought my dog, I showed him all right, the whole place was agog. They gave me a number, they gave me

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