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I started teaching clicker training in South Africa in 1988, and was told by fellow clicker trainers throughout the world that I was the first to use this method on the African continent!

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Puppy Socialisation It would be impossible to over emphasize the importance of puppy socialization. As with any animal (humans included!), if socialization is not adequate in the formative months/years, the animal will grow up lacking confidence and self-assuredness. In dogs this can often lead to fear biting or a growly, snappy or wimpy dog. So if at all possible – get your puppy to a reputable puppy class as early as possible.

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Training Exotic Animals
The main difference between training an exotic animal and a domesticated one, is that generally speaking when working with a wild animal, there is a physical barrier between it and you. Safety here is obviously very important, both for the animal and for the trainer.

When I work with exotics, I always request at least two other people to be present, just in case something goes wrong.


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